Friday, July 30, 2010

Under the Rainbow...redux

Summertime is the official season of vacations and low budget independent film making, so it's time to get out there and make movie magic. Since I'm not working a film of my own this year I pitched in for a couple of days on Luke Ramer's horror/psychedelic weirdness movie, Under the Rainbow. Luke started this movie last Summer but as anybody who has attempted movie making will attest some times things can take a while to get finished.

This time out I took on the role of set dresser as well as grip and gaffer (there wasn't a lot of lighting to be done, the shoot taking place outside in daylight). After I set-up any gear for that I was responsible for, jib and light control and the set design was in place, I had free time to take still photos. I posted the whole set on Flickr here:

Many of the actors who performed in The Secret Door are working on Luke's film, so it was good to see the old gang again.

Some of my handiwork.
Shooting on 7/27 focused on events that occur around a makeshift "campsite". Give the materials that were available I made this peachy tent out of bedspreads and rope.
Shooting on 7/28 took place at a different "campsite", a hidden lair in a secluded glade deep in the forest. Standing in for our hidden lair was a picnic table on a frisbee golf course (to the disappointment to many frisbee golfers). Since we could not actually remove the "hole"(frisbee golf basket or whatever they call these things) I disguised it as a tree covered with dirty clothing. Not particularly convincing but at least you can't tell it's a frisbee golf thing.

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