Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching up

I haven't updated my blog in quite a while but I've been doing some pretty neat stuff.  Here's a bunch of links.

Not too long ago I shot and edited a long-form infomercial for the program that I work for at Lehigh University.  The final version is a different edit.  We had to lose the testimonials when concerns were raised about the length of the piece.  Sadly, I don't think it's going anywhere, regardless of length.  Oh well, keep on keepin' on. 

I was recently asked to help out on the new digital releases from Peacemaker by the net label, Grindcore Karaoke.  The new releases include new edits of all three of the music videos that I did for Peacemaker.  I think they polished up nicely.  Here's my "official" statement.

In celebration of the 2011 digital release of two Peacemaker albums, Peace is the Victory! and Alive! On A Sunday Morning, by the forward thinking net label, Grindcore Karaoke, Punkmonkey Pictures has re-cut and re-issued three Peacemaker music videos, Holy Blood of Angels, Last Night I Dreamt We Destroyed the World, and A Short but Interesting Message from God. The new edits reflect the changing and expanding nature of the Peacemaker paradigm and esthetic. With improved visual effects and 32% new footage, these celebratory 2011 versions take the viewer on a deeper journey across the collective human consciousness, focusing on the miraculous and profound in ordinary settings. Peace is the victory!

Here are the links to the videos on my YouTube channel

Free music/video downloads are available Grindcore Karaoke,

Peacemaker on facebook

Peacemaker on Myspace

And finally,
I'm making slow but steady progress editing a psychedelic/suspense/horror feature by my friend and  cohort Luke Ramer.  It's called Under the Rainbow.   It's a big job and a hard slog but hopefully I'll have more about this in the near  future.  I'm nowhere near done but we'll get there...