Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Been So Long

Last summer I shot a movie for my friend Luke Ramer called Dead Beat. Fans of the horror genre seem to like it. Luke normally sells his stuff on pay-per-view or DVD but in this case he put the movie online for free so dig it, if you dare.
Here’s a nice review of Deadbeat.

I’ve been doing a lot of Lehigh University work none of which bears posting here so I’ll just move on.
I did two corporate jobs that I’m not allowed post or even speak so forget I said anything.

 I was able to get to Maine Media Workshops again this past August ( thanks to my managers at Lehigh University. I worked really hard (harder than I thought I would) in a class called Art of the Interview with Instructor Judith Hole, a 50 year veteran producer of CBS News. She was tough but kindhearted and knew her subject back-to-front. I adored her. My final project this year was an interview with a beloved character actor who lives in Maine, Peter Paton. I’m clearly nervous through the whole thing but it was good experience.

Here's the interview, you can see what I mean. Hopefully it's useful to Peter. I did learn a lot and that's the point Hire Peter Paton for your next movie. 207-930-0343 Actor's age range: 61-65, SAG-AFTRA

That brings you up to speed on an entire year-plus of my career. I’ve been doing lots of stuff at my job of course ( but this blog was initially intended for my creative pursuits and I intend to push it back in that direction. Thanks for checking it out. I will try to make a better effort to update more than once a year.