Wednesday, January 31, 2007

new Last Call reviews

This bit of text (below) is from a new review of Cable's Last Call CD/DVD. I'm thrilled that the DVD has consistently been praised by reviewers.

"Last Call is about fifty percent live tracks, with the remainder of the disc being comprised of songs spanning their seven main releases. Those familiar with the band will enjoy the great musical progression shown on this disc, as Cable's development from noisecore into southern-metal influenced hard rock is quite evident. The DVD is also incredibly entertaining as it takes a PBS-esque approach to summarizing the influence of Cable on the east coast underground music scene of the 90's." -

Monday, January 29, 2007

busy, busy

I've been busy at Lehigh University since the Spring semester started on the January 15th. I have the typical stuff to do, broadcast classes and edit jobs. I'm also involved with tapings that my department is doing for the textbook publisher, Prentice Hall. We are producing a series of video segments that are being incorporated into textbooks on CD-ROMs. I even get a credit in the textbook. Pretty cool.

I'm actually glad that textbook project is finally in production, even though it means working weekends for a while. I have been involved with this project for maybe a year now. I was heavily engaged in the planning meetings and pre-production then everything went on hold. Now it's back and naturally there's a rush to get it done.

On the Translation Loss Records front there has been some progress. The Total Fucking Destruction enhanced CD has gone to press. I was responsible for the video portion of the enhanced CD, a concert clip called "Live from Hazel's". I didn't shoot it but it was my job to clean it up as much as possible, edit the piece, titling, and chaptering. I think it looks pretty good all thing considered. The band and the label are both happy so my work is done here.

The American Heritage video is on the shelf for a while. It will be back on the front burner when I get through with the promo edit for the TFD project. More on that later.