Thursday, July 23, 2009

a few screen-shots to arouse your interest

Work progresses on my current project. It is taking a bit of time but I believe that working deliberately is preferable to rushing and being unhappy with the final product. Some friends have asked me how it’s going and have asked when there might be something available to see. In response to them and to whet the appetites of any curious onlooker I am posting screen-shots. These screen-shots are organized by shoot day and don’t reflect a narrative since the project is being shot out of sequence.

A big shout-out is necessary to all the actors and crew who’ve worked with me and continue to work with me on this movie. It’s been a great experience so far. Everyone has been very giving with their time and they’ve been very patient with me. Thank you all so much.

Here are the promised screen-shots. Hopefully they will get you fired up to see this movie when it’s eventually finished.

Shoot Day #1

Shoot Day #2

Shoot Day #3