Monday, September 21, 2009

September Secret Door Update

I'm over-due for an update on the progress of The Secret Door and there's plenty of stuff to tell you about. Shooting is nearly done. There are still one or two more things to capture. I was hoping to finish shooting by the end of summer but this movie-makin' business is a lot more time consuming than I had imagined. The main thing confronting me now is the editing process, which promises to be very complex. Shooting this movie in the way that I have, with a DSLR (Nikon D-90), has added complications that I would not have dealt with if I were using a straight-forward video camera. I believe that the images I've captured somewhat make-up for the additional effort but I don't think I will be doing this again in exactly the same way. In other words, it looks pretty good but it has been a pain in my rear to put to together.

The Secret Door now has a Myspace page. I hope to make this the official website of the movie. Until I arrange for a swankier url, the listing is .
On this page you'll find regular updates, photos and links to the myspace pages of many of the bands that have contributed songs to The Secret Door soundtrack. There is a song playlist on the page now that features three songs from the movie. Other songs not yet listed were recorded exclusively for The Secret Door and have not been uploaded to Myspace. Check The Secret Door myspace page regularly for new stuff.
New behind-the-scenes photos, courtesy of Scott Cameron at, have been uploaded to the Secret Door Myspace page also. They're in the "production stills" album.