Thursday, January 24, 2008

Changes are in the making

So...the old website is gone. From now on, punkmonkeypictures dot com consists of this blog and my YouTube page. I like it this way as I completely suck at html and everything else interweb related.

I am doing some really cool stuff right now, currently editing a music video for a great band called Fight Amp. The video is for the first single “Late Bloomer” which is available soon, if not already on Translation Loss Records.
I’ve been working on it for some weeks now and all the footage is finally in the can. I starting editing last week and I can already tell that it is going to be pretty good. For those loyal few who have followed my illustrious video career thus far, I promise this one is the one watch for. Bold words I know, but you'll see.
In the next few days I’ll post some stills here on my blog to give all interested parties a little glimpse.
This video is far and away the weirdest, heaviest, most dead right-on thing I’ve done yet. I’m stoked.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Video Update

I so need to do away with my current website and switch this thing around completely. I really use Youtube all the time, perhaps changes will be made this year.

2008, the year changes are getting made! I like the sound of that.

I’m working on something monumentally cool right now.

Until then here’s a couple things I posted recently.