Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Good Press

I’ve just been tidying up the old internet homestead; sweeping and dusting. I finally added a video link and some commentary to the Cable “Live” page of my site (punkmonkeypictures.com) and, drum roll, got this here blog fully integrated into my dot com as the "news" page. I like the convenience of a blog so I think this will be a permanent fixture.

The big story this week is that the January 07 edition of Decibel Magazine is on newsstands now. Pick up it and check out the killer review that Last Call got. Here’s a little of what they said.

“Cable were a great band. The fact that one needs to say that in the past tense is probably due to the fact that they were a great band for 10 freaking years and not nearly enough people knew it. Hence, this excellent compilation and DVD, a perfect bookend to a slept-on career.” 9/10 - Joe Gross, Decibel Magazine, Jan 07/No. 027

A 9 out of 10, not too shabby. There's lots more but you should buy the magazine.

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